Here are questions you might want to ask your care provider Click on to see my answer:
How long have you been in active practice?
Where did you train to become a midwife?
Do you hold a State or National Midwifery License?
How long did you train under supervision?
How many births have you attended?
How many births have you been the primary care provider?
How often do you need to take your clients to the hospital after labor has begun?
How often do you "risk out" (not able to safely take a client or continue with her care) clients to a physician's care during the prenatal period?
How many emergency transports have you had?
Have you ever had a mother or baby die in your care?
Why did you become a midwife?
What would you (the midwife) define as an "emergency"?
What emergency equipment do you carry in your practice?
Do you have physician and/or hospital support in your area? Is it homebirth friendly?
Do you have policies and procedures in place for your practice?
Do you use complimentary medicines in your practice? Are you willing to work in conjunction with other practitioners during the pregnancy and/or birth?
Do you have community referrals for complimentary medicines and other prenatal/postpartum support? (such as chiropractors, massage therapists, homebirth-friendly pediatricians and naturopathic physicians)
Do you have current or previous clients that would be willing to speak to me about their birthing experience?
Do you require lab work?
Do you encourage father/partner participation?
Do you attend birth alone, with an assistant or with a student?
What if you are at another birth when I go into labor?
Why should we come to you?

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When considering a care provider, consider this. If you have a question for me not answered here, please email me.

Thanks, Jenny